Dear Wonderful Innovations Academy parents, staff, school districts, transportation and community:

As the calendar has turned from 2023 to 2024, we enter second semester with excitement!

Our first Family Open House of the year was virtual. Our second Open House on Friday, April 19, will be in person. What will you see?

Certainly the fine academic work of your student. You will see teachers, therapists, behavior interventionists, paraprofessionals, and administrators who recognize that for our school to be first in the nation among therapeutic day schools, we always need to put you and your student first.

You will also see home school district partners. When a student comes to Innovations Academy, it is the beginning of a new partnership between your child’s home school district and us. We work together purposefully and authentically in order to put your student first. You will also see SmartBoards in every room. You will see special spaces where students can gain added confidence and skills through writing center, reading center, technology center, art center and so much more.

With small class sizes, as your child works on accessing their education through enhancements and advancements in social and emotional learning, we constantly strive to maintain and exceed the academic performance of your child as well.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for whatever I can do personally to make the journey of your student with us and your own experience along the journey most meaningful and full of joy, comfort, and inspiration.

Please press check here for enrollment and letters of consent.

Very truly yours,

Phil Siegel

Director of Education and Principal

Phone Number: (630) 540-3900 x 2774
Email: [email protected]