At Innovations Academy, we are constantly innovating. We know that each student learns differently. Everyone learns best through some combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (hands on) learning. Some work best in small groups, while others seek opportunities to work independently under the supervision of an accomplished LBS 1 Teacher.  Some crave working with nature as a catalyst, while others thrive with more logic based learning or through the incorporation of music. We provide the differentiation each student needs to be the best version of themselves.

The Innovations Academy Therapeutic Day School programs strive to provide an environment that focuses on HOPE and opportunities for personal, academic, and emotional growth. We encourage our students to be vital members of our school community and to express themselves in a manner that promotes understanding, strength, and emotional self-control. Through honest and open communication, along with artistic and written expression, we model for and teach our students how to best advocate for themselves and use their VOICE.

To Join Our Team, please check the main Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System page for employment opportunities within Innovations Academy and our other programs.