Innovations Academy Therapeutic Day School programs REACH, SERVE and PROVIDE HOPE to students, parents, guardians, school districts and employees through:

  • “Service Excellence”
  • Innovative academic, therapeutic, and vocational programming and
  • A consumer and community driven focus

Our Value Statements

  • We strive for all individuals to reach their highest potential.
  • We challenge each individual to become active learners and productive citizens.

Within the Innovations Academy Therapeutic Day School programs, our mission is to promote and ensure a SAFE (S) environment, for out student to be ON TASK (O) and ACCOUNTABLE (A) for their learning and behavior, and to treat others with RESPECT (R) to foster a positive school culture for all! Acquiring these skills gives them the opportunity to SOAR now and in the future.

 We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual student. Our services are designed to:

  • Help students enhance their problem-solving skills
  • Increase student self-awareness in regards to strengths, challenges, and goals for future academic and emotional growth
  • Support continuing student social development with transitional reintegration to home school, community and secondary education and services

The Innovations Academy mission allows our learning teams to incorporate teaching and therapy within a full range of services, including:

  • Common core standards based academic courses
  • Physical education classes and club sports
  • Visual art classes and art therapy opportunities
  • Music classes and music therapy opportunities
  • Therapeutic clubs based on specific population needs (“Boys to Men,” Girls Group, Breakfast Club)
  • On-campus job training and shadowing building to on-campus employment, volunteering, and support future community employment