Trauma-informed Care at Innovations Academy consists of three components:

Tier One:

  • A psycho-social assessment gathered from the therapeutic team, reviewed by all staff.
  • Each student’s unique talents, needs and desires are recognized, honored and further developed during the school year.
  • Academic and support services tailored to encourage optimum learning and growth are provided.
  • Our students operate in the clearly-defined and enforced principles of safety:
    • Students will attend all classes
    • If a student is not in class they will be either with an ancillary staff, will be involved in a staff monitored time out or involved in another approved and staff monitored activity.
    • Our students operate in a system that encourages and rewards positive choices.
    • Each student’s performance is evaluated through report cards, feedback from guardians/outside sources and in weekly meetings.

Tiers Two and Three: 

For students who demonstrate a need for a higher level of intervention:

  • Each student is evaluated by the team and placed on a plan that uses a strength-based approach and rewards the extinguishing of un-useful behaviors.
  • Plans are evaluated on a consistent basis for any changes that need implementation. This includes information gathered from internal and external sources.

Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

A guiding principle for trauma-informed services is that healing happens through relationships, which is why we strive to build rapport and trust with patients. We cannot remove the pain of the past, but every positive encounter helps a survivor to develop skills and maintain hope. These interactions over time can also help students change their thought patterns that can ultimately lead to improved functioning.